Humour even in death

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Over dinner last night we got to talking about all the people that had sadly died this year, and as often happens you pour another and start to reminisce of memories past, and remarkably how even in death humour can … Read More

The Infamous Carte Vitale

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Oh dear me! The infamous carte vitale. Absolutely essential if you find it necessary to access medical care. A prime example of French bureaucracy at its best. Essential in the sense that without it you’re not registered with the French … Read More

Selling a car in France

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For those who are selling a car in France – it can be a little confusing as we just found as the legalities are a little different to the UK. I have listed them and put links in where appropriate. … Read More

Computer Disc Clean up and Defragging

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Many of us run computers and have no idea on how to keep them running smoothly. offers a search box in which you type in your operating system and whether its Disc Cleanup or Defragment you wish to run … Read More

Learn From Mistakes

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When I left school at 15yrs old I was encouraged to work in an office – I hated it! Mum said I could hand in my month’s notice on condition I found another job before the month was up. “What … Read More

The Clock Upon the Wall

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By Andy Kennedy While I was lying in hospital with nothing to do I was watching the second hand on the clock up on the wall. As I watched it ticking its way around I thought, that’s my life ticking … Read More

Trees and Wild Spaces

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Brittany reminds me of Trees and wild-spaces. I would like to post a tribute to trees by the fabulous writer Herman Hesse. Image: Huelgoat from a visit some years back. I love the trees there. The magic of bolders and … Read More

La Pierre Le Bigaut

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La Pierre Le Bigaut – Huge Annual Charity Cycling Event Callac – Brittany – France – 25th June 2016 Europe’s 3rd largest cycling event starts every year from the Place du Centre in Callac. The Pierre le Bigaut event draws … Read More

The Donald

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I am amazed to see that poor ole ‘The Donald’ is losing on this site’s poll. Having spent five months in the States, October through February, and I listen to American radio every day, it seems to me that many … Read More

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