Top things to do in Deauville

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things to do in Deuville

Deauville is located in Normandy in the northwest part of the country and is one of France’s most chic and internationally known seaside resorts. Deauville is only a 2hr drive away from Paris and is frequently referred to as the Parisian Riviera and has featured in many movies. Deauville is perfect for a short visit and offers things to do throughout the year. Here you will find gold sandy beaches, historic hotels, quaint shops and a casino.
Deauville is known for its two racecourses and globally popular polo matches. The area is also offers cultural attractions like classical music festivals and film festivals.

Deauville Beach
Deauville beach is a 2km long and wide stretch of beautiful soft, clean golden sand and gently sloping shoreline. If you rent a colourful umbrella and a lounge chair and you be right at home with an attendant who will untie your umbrella and help set up all your equipment.
Built in 1923 and made of red ironwood, the 634 metre long Promenade des Planches boardwalk is lined with beach cabins, each named after American actors and directors who have come to the resorts American Film Festival since 1975.
An annual photographic exhibition displays large historic images of the resort, above the cabins on the beach side. Just set back from the beach inside the Art-Deco style bathing building, there are cabins you can rent and use for a shower. The concrete and mosaic tiled cabins which opened in 1924 were the latest fashion or Dernier Cri in modernity.

The first polo match was played in Deauville back in 1880. In 1097 the Deauville International Polo Club was founded. It is one of the oldest clubs of this type in France and receives great praise in the polo world.
The Gold Cup, which includes the World Championships was established in 1950. From all of the European venues Deauville is the one where the Argentinian teams want to win.
The Deauville International Polo Club matches are open to the public and are usually held in August. It takes place at the Deauville-La-Touques Racecourse. Admission during the week is free, however there is a fee on weekends and holidays.

Cultural Events
Deauville is a major contender in cultural events, turning the resort into an all year destination.
In October when the clocks go back, the extra non hour is spent by people taking to the streets in order to photograph Deauville. The winning photographsare displayed in a local exhibition.
There is plenty of music on offer. A good example of this is the Festival de Paques (The Easter Festival) which features young, unknown classical music virtuosos.
The American Film Festival is one of France’s best known film festivals and comes to Deauville in September. Here they have premiere screening of the latest film releases from the United States, along with famous movie stars walking down the red carpet.

The Races
Horse racing dates back to 1863 in Deauville. Back then horses and riders pounded along a temporary track along the beach. A year on, the Deauville-La-Touques racecourse was built and opened.
As one of the most beautiful and leading flat racecourses in France. It is not a surprise that it attracts international jockeys, trainers and horses to its summer and winter seasons. Approximately 40 races take place a year. Some of the worlds best polo teams play at the fields in the middle of the course and a sand – fibre track is used for training and competitions.
Featuring around 20 races from June through to October, is the second course at Deauville -Clairefontaine (Route de Clairefontaine). The course offers 3 different kinds of racing, flat, trotting and steeple chasing.
Race meetings have themes such as the local region or ecology, with plenty of interesting events to keep the whole family entertained.

Many of the top French names have shops located between the polo club and beach and are conveniently close together. Coco Chanel designed a range of casual, wearable clothing which she was inspired by from the clothes she saw on the racecourses, beaches, golf courses and yachts.
In 1913 she opened her boutique here however with the outbreak of WWII she closed the shop.

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