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    The French Government has passed a new law relating to the situation of British citizens living in France in the event of failure to reach a deal on Brexit. This is a rough translation of the press release put out on the subject:

    With regard to the right of entry and residence, the Ordinance establishes a specific regime for British nationals who were already residing regularly in France on the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom. It provides for a period of up to one year to allow these British nationals to obtain a residence permit and introduces derogatory access conditions to these titles.
    With regard to social rights and social benefits, the ordinance allows for the retention for a period of one year of the eligibility of British nationals benefiting from the active solidarity income residing in France on the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom. It ensures continuity of health care coverage under the current conditions that flow from European Union law for a period of two years. The conditions for taking into account periods of insurance or employment completed in the United Kingdom are also determined by the ordinance.
    A decree may suspend the derogations relating to the right of residence, the active solidarity income and the payment for health care, if the Government finds that the United Kingdom does not grant to French nationals present on its soil a treatment equivalent to that provided for in that order or in the Order on the preparation for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union in road transport of persons and goods and security in the Channel Tunnel.


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    Not surprised that the French are anticipating No Deal.With the ongoing shambles in Westminster,the whole of Europe is bemused!

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