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    Hello all,

    I am toying with the idea of installing underfloor water heating with a storage tank also for the hot water in the bathrooms. heat supplied by a wood burner stove in winter,  and electric and maybe solar in the warmer months. Has anyone already successfully done this and could you please give me any advise and suggestions.


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    I have exactly the system that you propose. I have a 300ltr tank with two coils and an electric element. The centre coil is heated from my kitchen stove back boiler and the lower coil is heated from the solar panels.

    the underfloor heating coils are in my kitchen, but I made a cock of that installation by not reading up on how to do it and made a once through system. They do work however, but I only use it when it is really really cold.

    you should take care of the heat flow inasmuch that the underfloor coils may not exceed 25 degrees (normally) or the cement floor may crack with uneven expansion. The floor heating manifold takes a bleed of hot water from the back boiler and circulates it through the coils, when the circulating water cools, it gets a slight injection of more bleed hot water to maintain the temperature. It is not a ” once through” supply, so the rest of your back boiler hot water must have somewhere to go besides the hot water tank, possibly radiators. The solar panels are great in summer and lower the electric costs, but these will not run radiators, anyway, they should not be needed in summer. Choose the power of your fire carefully to match the house heat loss. A well insulated small farmhouse with low ceilings will not need a large fire. As the fire gives off a good ratio of the heat compared to the back boiler.

    I use electric underfloor heating for the bathrooms, a lot less fiddly than stoking the fire first thing and a real luxury.

    hope this helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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